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Who has time to search site after site for products, print or scan specs, and piece together solutions that may not even be compatible? You’re beyond busy work (and so are we).

Simplified, from spec to finish.

inSpec, powered by Zurn, simplifies your plumbing projects, and it’s simply free! No subscription. Plenty of selection. Gain access to the widest range of advanced plumbing solutions with all the critical product details and documentation in one, secure place. Sign up to start your next project and share your submittal documents with a few clicks and coffee sips.


Widest selection means project flexibility, but also certainty. Don’t question if a part is outdated or not compatible. The products you find are always accurate and meet compliance. Spec-tacular!


Since you just created a masterpiece, you want to show that off. Invite your colleagues to check out your awesome work and make tweaks or additions as requirements change.

Why start over, when you already nailed your basis of design? Copy your configurations and create your favorites to select for your future projects, instead of being back at square one. Bye, busywork!

This is where inSpec really shines. Create pschedules or project submittals, and download spec sheets, BIM, and long spec entirely online. Share them with your colleagues and send documents to your contractor partners. Wow, you just saved a lot of time and trees.

Take the next step

Register to digitally specify your plumbing projects. Either way, you’re taking a step to a simpler specification process (again, it’s free and will free up your workload).